• Thunderstorms can produce a lot of rain in a short time

    Handle accordingly. Temperatures are cooler. People struck by lightning carry no electrical charge and can be handled safely.

    If you take precautions, it is likely that getting hurt during the monsoon in the state of Arizona are slim to none . Each year, two to three people perish in flash floods, and up to two people by lightning strike. Listen for thunder. If driving, do not cross washes with water in them - the flow can be deceptively swift and deep. Avoid taking a bath or shower
    4. If any of this is detected, head for shelter, either in a building, a car, or, if you are stuck outside, a small tree. It's easy to see as the sky will darken, wind will increase, and lightening will strike.

    Thunderstorms can produce a lot of rain in a short time. This cool air meets hot air in Arizona
    3. to 6 p.
    . Find shelter. The monsoon is official once the dew point hits 55 Fahrenheit or higher for three consecutive days
    4. Thunderclouds are gargantuan and show off the scale of the Canyon. The chance of thunderstorms increases substantially if there's a nearby mountain range. Lightning provides a thrilling, natural "fireworks" show.

    Lightening is a common byproduct of the monsoon and has been know to strike people (the number is minuscule).

    A monsoon is identified as "seasonal winds," and this is how those winds affect the Grand Canyon

    1.m. This stops glass from broken windows from coming inside. If you are hiking in the Canyon, seek high ground.Visiting the Grand Canyon's South Rim this Summer? Then you need to be aware of a weather cycle called the monsoon, which lasts from July to September and is characterized by lightening, flash flooding, and thunderstorms. If you car stalls in rapidly rising waters, abandon the vehicle and climb to higher ground. 2. The Rim after a brisk rain shower freshly glistens and steams under the sun. Here are some first-aid facts if a person is hit:


    The monsoon is one of the most dramatic times to visit Grand Canyon South Rim.
    4. As they say, if you hear thunder, there's lightening. Keep car windows closed and avoid convertibles
    2. Here are a couple more tips:

    1. Don't use your cell phone

    Monsoon weather at the Grand Canyon usually occurs from 11 a. Pictures taken with you digital camera will result in some amazing shots. The unstable atmosphere culminates in rain, thunderstorms, and lightening
    5. The result: Flash floods. Get help fast
    3. Exothermic Welding powder The injured person has received an electrical shock and may be burned. Pull down window blinds or shades.m. Cool air from the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf of California, flow north 2. If need be, perform CPR until help comes. This incredible ambiance is unique to the monsoon, making the Monsoon months favored by discerning visitors

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