• Moreover when compared to a T1 line

    Moreover, when compared to a T1 line which can take months to install, the install time of an EoC circuit can be as quick as two weeks.

    Arguably the biggest driving force behind customers opting for EoC services is the price. Servicing all facets of the industry - from SMBs to Global 500 companies - Ethernet Shopper&Air Terminal rod39;s strong industry relationships and expertise allow our team to offer you unbiased, carrier neutral advice on services from the finest providers of Local, Long Distance, Toll Free, International, High Speed Internet and Data." For example, more than 75% of all US businesses need more bandwidth than a single T1 can provide; if one of those businesses were to select two bonded T1 lines (3Mb), they would likely pay upwards of $800, however with EoC they could get as much as 5Mb for around $600. businesses in 2011 exceeded the total bandwidth for legacy circuits. (roughly 2 miles) from the provider& Lightning Rod 39;s Central Office (CO). This is because the capacity/signal-to-noise ratio is distance sensitive, and decreases past that point.

    Ethernet Shopper is a direct provider of enhanced conferencing services and IP Transit via our network of Tier One providers, as well as a premier master agency for business telecommunications # services.

    Since first presented into the market, the adoption of EoC services has soared.S.

    This rise in the popularity of EoC services comes with good reason; EoC services provide more bandwidth for your dollar, are much simpler to deploy and provision than legacy services, and offer easier management via greater visibility into the network.

    Image Source: scottchan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

    For more information please visit: Ethernet over Copper Services, Ethernet Services. According to the research firm Vertical Systems Group, the amount of Ethernet bandwidth that was purchased by U. According to Roopashree Honnachari, senior industry analyst for Frost & Sullivan, "the price per mbps is no longer increasing linearly.

    That being said, as with all good things # there is a slight catch; in order to take full advantage of EoC services, a business must be within 10,000 to 12,000 ft.

    EoC is a reliable, cost-efficient alternative to traditional T1 and DS3 lines, and can be easily scaled to match your business's current and future bandwidth needs. If you would like to learn more about EoC or any additional communications services that are available in your area, contact one of our professional account managers today

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